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Sifu Chuck

Sifu Chuck O’Neill is the head instructor and founder of Revolution Wing Chun in Canada. He is a 3rd generation of the Great Grandmaster Yip Man (Ip Man) through the Moy Yat-Nelson Chan line. Ip Man >> Moy Yat >> Nelson Chan >> Chuck O’Neill. He has also studied under Sibok Gary Lam from the Wong Shun Leung line. By studying two different lines, Sifu Chuck is able to bring a unique perspective on the practice and art of Wing Chun to his students.

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He has produced several Wing Chun Instructional Videos which you can download from or in DVD form [HERE]

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He has also co-authored the book Psychological Self Defense – How To Protect Yourself From Predators, Criminals and Sociopaths Before They Attack! on Amazon and Kindle. [HERE]

Train with Chuck ONeill

He is also dedicated to enhancing his students’ understanding of Wing Chun by using his 30 years of experience and training in other martial arts including:

• Tae Kwon Do,

• Filipino Kali Stick Fighting,

• Jeet Kune Do,

• Kosho Ryu Kenpo,

• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,

• Use Of Force/Defensive Tactics

• World War 2 Combatives and

• Yang style Tai Chi Chuan

Wing Chun classes and what they cover


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at a time.

Many people are often intimated by martial arts classes. You won’t find the typical ego, competition or pressure with our classes. I believe that learning and training should be fun, exciting, and done in the spirit of cooperation and in a family-type environment. There is no room for ego or competition in our classes. Students are encouraged to help and support each other to be the best they can be. You will measure your own progress against yourself – not anyone else. And you’ll make new friends that can last a lifetime!

Absolutely not. While a Martial Arts background can be helpful in certain circumstances, we find that sometimes, those with no background actually find it easier to learn the concepts. This is because they have no preconceived notions of what they “should be doing”.

No. However if you are interested in getting in shape, learning a martial art like Wing Chun is a great way to do it! Martial arts are fun, and can be a great mental workout as well as a physical one! When you start, we really encourage you to work at your own physical comfort level. Over time, you’ll notice great improvements in your physical strength and stamina. We even have people who have lost weight from starting their Wing Chun Classes!

As a student of Sifu Chuck (Revolution Wing Chun) you learn more than a martial art – you gain a martial education. In addition to classes, students also get assess to special pricing on training videos, tips and articles. Students also get First-Priority Access to any Seminars, Bootcamps or Events hosted by Revolution Wing Chun or its affiliates. Students also get a First-Priority access AND discount pricing on private training sessions with Sifu Chuck. Students will also have regular opportunities to attend different Wing Chun and Martial Arts events for both educational and social enrichment (tournaments, classes with Sigung Nelson Chan, Bar-B-Q’s etc.)

Yes – Wing Chun is great for women. According to Wing Chun legend, the art of Wing Chun Kuen was developed by a woman, Ng Mui, and passed on to Yim Wing Chun. Wing Chun focuses on using good structure, angles and sensitivity to help overcome an opponent – not brute strength. So it’s a great way for women to learn self-defense.

For the first class, you can wear a t-shirt (no t-shirts with questionable, or inappropriate logos/phrases), athletic pants (or track pants), non-marking soft soled indoor shoes.

A typical class will cover: Martial Foundations (basic drills, conditioning, coordination, balance, stretching, etc); Wing Chun Single Person drills; Wing Chun Two Person Drills (chi sau, pak sau, defenses); Wing Chun forms and theory.

Wing Chun is indeed a very effective, practical “street-smart” martial art that you can use to defend yourself in practically any situation. Our classes will teach you the skills to do this. However while we focus on training you in the study and understand of Wing Chun, we are not a “fight club”. We do not encourage violence or aggression in classes.

Yes. As part of the regular classes you will learn self-protection skills as well as how and why they work. You will then get time to practice these skills in class.

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