Sifu Chuck

Martial artist - Fight choreographer - Stunt performer

Meet Sifu Chuck O’Neill – not just your ordinary martial artist, but a seasoned fight choreographer, stuntman and film safety diver.

When he's not teaching, you can find Chuck in action as a stunt performer, fight choreographer, and assistant stunt coordinator for various film and TV productions in Malta.

Fight Choreography

Nothing you see in a film action scene happens by accident.

A skilled choreographer possesses a deep understanding of martial arts techniques, movement dynamics, and camera angles, allowing them to craft sequences that flow seamlessly on screen.

Chuck O'Neill's current films and TV experience


Are you an actor looking to prepare for an action role or fight scene?

Do you aspire to land more physical roles in your career?

Want to ensure you appear more authentic on film?

Wing Chun Classes

Wing Chun Classes with Sifu Chuck O’Neill in Malta

Looking for Ving Tsun classes? Sifu Chuck is the founder of Revolution Wing Chun in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Private training available if schedule permits in and around the Malta.

Empowerment testified

Real stories, real results.
From struggle to strength.

Thanks for the teaching, training and encouragement over the past 16 months, truthfully, without your informal teaching method and friendly atmosphere you create in your class, I would probably have not lasted. Thank you again and looking forward to continuing learning and training with you and my Wing Chun Family.
Dear Sifu Chuck… Your videos have some of the clearest explanations of Wing Chun (and I’ve seen many), in addition to providing a clear, simple, and minimalistic progression of drills, which is often hard to find… Many thanks, and congratulations again on your work.
Ari Sweeney
For someone who has never taken martial arts before, this has been a really positive experience for me. I had no idea what to expect when I first started and was nervous about feeling intimidated by experienced members. I have never felt intimidated – only encouraged and I think it is because you do a lot to promote a climate of respect. In this environment, I can focus on improving my own skills while still tapping into the expertise of others.
I have been learning wing chun from Sifu Chuck for nearly one year now and find his dvd’s most helpful and benefited from them, and I have been doing the wooden dummy form video for 7 months now and learned a lot, I enjoy doing wing chun and I’m grateful to have a teacher like Sifu Chuck to learn from.

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